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iverseth asked: I need domestic kurofai where kuro tries that tough look and fai just laughs at him bc cutie was just going on about how cool reptiles are or something and it doesnt look right idkkkkk


So basically anytime Kurogane gushes or geeks out about something, he gets embarrassed and tries to act cool about it but clearly it doesn’t work?

I approve of this.

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Another day, another drawing! I’ve included deconstructed versions (as I call it) and grey background versions!

The subject in question is Kamui! kamuishiro made a post about wanting Kamui in a kimono and I wanted to draw one of (Tsubasa) Sakura’s kimonos, so I did vampire Kamui versus X Kamui to keep the Tsubasa trend, but hey!

(via mirror-chan20)